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5 Digital Signage Uses in Banks

By most, banks are regarded as important places where important decisions are made. Whether it’s simply checking the balance, paying the bills, or signing on a loan to build a house or start a new business, the underlying reason for visiting a bank is rarely a stress-free activity. However, digital signage can help you shatter the intensity connected to these locations by turning the bank more efficient as a business, shortening perceived wait times, entertaining your clientele, and educating them on the advantages your bank has to offer.

Apart from catering to your clients, digital signage can also help you by collecting valuable information about customer satisfaction. Let’s take a look at these advantages, and perhaps a few more! 

1. Ticket kiosks

Many bank errands, can already be carried out online or at a terminal, for some you still have to come into your local branch and speak with a representative. In regards to digital signage in banks and interactivity, the main way they are incorporated here is through ticket kiosks. Especially, at a busy branch with lots of customers, kiosks boost efficiency by organizing the flow of customers to the designated representative. If a client is looking to open a new account or apply for a new credit card, the kiosk would give them a ticket guiding them to the personal banking section. The direction would be different if you they wanted to take out a mortgage or review they investment portfolio.

Wayfinding may be incorporated here if the need exists, in a bank’s main branch, for instance. The display could show a quick map of the bank, showing where the clerk’s window or office is after the user selects an option. Wayfinding could, of course, also be incorporated through independent displays at key locations, if the bank is particularly large.

2. Entertainment

A great way to lower perceived wait times is entertainment. This also goes for customers who don’t want to speak to a representative, but wait in line of the ATM. This entertainment may be delivered in a multitude of forms. Many modern financial establishments feature background music to alleviate the natural tension we all experience when waiting in a line. Incorporating entertainment in your bank’s digital displays is an extension of this feature. 

Short clips of landscapes, sport highlights or cartoons are excellent starting points, as well as shows which explore science, interesting facts, or interviews. If you sell advertising space wisely and with care, you may include some thought-provoking, fun, and interesting ads in your entertainment content rotation. Your own ads, designed with an entertaining touch, would be a great addition here.

Digital signage in banks is also possible as a decorative element. Take a look at one exceptional example of it to see the potential.

3. Feedback with tablets

Feedback is usually hard to come by. The great challenge is to get consumers to voice their opinion. In banks, the window of opportunity to collect it, is often left unused. As the clients deliver their requests to the clerk, they often have to wait a moment for this request to be completed. This is an excellent time to collect feedback, and as the clerk is working, the client could use the small tablet on the table to give a quick rating. 

Just a few simple questions will do, with an option to write down additional comments. This would shorten the perceived waiting time for the client, as well as provide invaluable information to your business. Better than a general button at the exit, the feedback you receive, directly correlates with the tablet’s location.

4. Currency information

While most transactions are typically in your country’s currency, displaying your bank’s daily conversion rates of foreign currencies is still an informative source of content. This is a particularly clever move if your conversion rates are on the competitive side. People take notice, especially while waiting in line, even if they’re not momentarily in need of converting, just for being on top of how the currency markets develop.

Digital signage software offers plenty of templates to display a well-organized list of accurate currency rates. You could include a multitude of currencies, as well as focus on the most commonly used ones. 

5. Packages and special deals targeted at specific users

Banks typically have unique offers which speak to unique groups of individuals, for instance retirees, parents, or students. Take into account the positive sides of these packages to point them out to each group. If your bank handles the transactions of the local bookstore, for instance, a minor discount is a big plus for students. 

This applies to all packages and offers you have: focus on the positives and highlight them. You know what makes your bank better than the rest. If it’s low monthly costs for carrying an account, it keeps your existing clients happy and brings in new ones. If it’s low costs of international transfers, it may invite clients to your branch which previously hadn’t considered you.

Combined with these content sources, you can establish a rich rotation of content. For more inspiration, take a broader look at digital signage in other financial establishments.

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