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3 Ways Companies Use Digital Signage to Improve Corporate Communication

Many organizations are making use of digital signage for corporate communication to replace poster boards, banners and other hard copy notices located in their lobbies and communal areas. They are integrating digital signage displays to other communication channels to deliver timely information and leverage the benefits of digital signage, such as:

  • Creating customised messages relevant for specific locations and audiences;
  • Improving customer service by training staff members via digital videos;
  • Increasing employee engagement by recognizing workers’ contribution
  • Preventing workplace accidents by displaying visual safety announcements.

As globalization increases and companies expand their operations to various countries, digital signage assumes even greater importance in the global market. This is particularly true in the case of digital signage for internal communications. In this context, digital signage has proved to be an effective way to provide information to workforces distributed across multiple locations.

Regardless of the company size, it is possible to highlight three ways businesses are using digital signage to improve the effectiveness of enterprise communications in the work environment:

1. Manage Employee Training

Digital signage networks have been widely used to display employee training videos and demonstrate new procedures. It improves communication between HR and employees by empowering workers through education. This way, companies conduct trainings delivered to the workers right at their stations.

Digital signage solutions are also especially useful for trainings on demand, which allows orientation information to be displayed at specific times set by the managers. This is a highly effective way to make employees aware of new policies without the need for printed materials and presentations.

2. Create a Strong Corporate Culture

It’s a known fact that a well-developed company culture creates positive changes across an organization. That is why digital signage for that purpose is becoming increasingly popular. More and more enterprises are taking advantage of corporate information networks to distribute messages and communicate mission goals across great distances. The stronger the connection between workers and a company’s mission, the higher the overall business productivity.

Companies can also use digital signage to publicly recognize workers’ performance and milestones. This stimulates a positive work environment and boosts employees’ morale. Besides that, modern digital signage systems keep workforce aware of updated information from different departments. It’s a great tool for companies to improve employees’ engagement, to enhance internal marketing and even to lower turnover rates.

3. Share Internal Metrics

Digital signage softwares are also highly useful for keeping track of production, sales and internal analytics. Employees get to know if they are meeting their goals when they measure their performance with the right business metrics. Furthermore, internal metrics sharing through digital signage networks is often used to monitor the overall performance of a company.

Organizations should install their screens in strategic places where employees can see them frequently. Digital signage displays can be placed in their administrative buildings so that managers take a look on sales figures, financial results and stock prices on their way to a meeting, for example. On the other hand, they also keep factory workers in the loop about production statuses and goals attainment.

It is clear that digital signage for corporate communication is a growing trend for small and large businesses. We have presented you only three ways companies make extensive use of this technology, but certainly there are many other possibilities. No matter how organizations are delivering information, the truth is that digital signage is a great tool for engaging employees. It attracts employees’ attention through dynamic real-time messages and helps enterprises to develop effective internal communications.

Have in mind, however, that you must consider a complete digital signage solution to be able to make the most out of your internal communications strategies. Specifically for work environments, it’s essential to have a user-friendly digital signage software that allows you to assign control rights to different departments and employees. Do you now realize the importance of choosing the right solution for your business? Once you understand that, you are ready to unleash the power of digital signage contribution and get all the benefits it can bring to your company.

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