4 Best Ways to Use Digital Signage Internally!


While it originated as an externally used medium, digital signage also shines when directed at the inner corners of your business. Through the variety of tools available in digital signage software, your internal display network will help keep everyone on the same page and build a stronger sense of community for your staff. There are plenty other advantages digital signage can provide. It all depends on what your corporate structure values most. So take a look at some of the best ways to use digital signage internally! 

Keep employees up to date

Use digital signage for employee training and to keep employees up to date on new policies and procedures. Create a custom message for your employees as the need arises. This helps ensure everyone is aware of changes quickly and easily. 

For example, you can use digital signage internally to remind employees of the new safety policy that went into effect recently. Relying on emails to deliver the information can be tricky when staff is mostly on the floor or the emails are read later than intended. Some policies are more important than others, and while you can compile them all in an email, use digital signage to highlight the most important ones and repeat them when needed. 

Make employee training smoother

Employee training is no small feat and should certainly not primarily rely on digital signage. However, digital signage can be a valuable tool to answer questions and let employees re-check the knowledge which was presented to them in training sessions. The full range of the company’s policies and procedures can make it a challenge to remember it all. This can include simpler aspects like the company’s dress code, email etiquette, as well as more complex matters such as handling specific customer complaints. 

A good idea is to compile a list of known issues or requests and label them with the people who have the authority and knowledge to handle them. This lets new employees know who to turn to, instead of always defaulting to their superior. 

Furthermore, building a knowledge base and making it accessible through digital signage lets new employees access all the information available. A good way to build this database is to involve all existing employees into continuously adding data, allowing others to look it up and get the answers they need quickly and easily. Naturally, this data will be useful even beyond content for digital displays.

Add social media to the mix

Social media has become an integral part of the business world, and using it to connect with customers is a wise move. Meanwhile, it can also be used to connect with employees. For a start, sharing your social media activity on your digital signage builds a connection with everyone who sees it. Furthermore, as you publish content which thanks your employees and shares some fun pictures, everyone will benefit from it!

Employees can also contribute to the social media activity of the business by sharing content to the business profile. This can include pictures from internal events, collective projects everyone worked on, thanking the employee of the month, and so on. Share it all on your digital signage platform. It will keep all of your employees in the loop on what fun stuff is happening in the business.

Publish specific campaigns

At the end of the day, by fostering a sense of community and collaboration, you can encourage employees to take pride in their work. Use your digital signage internally to build a strong corporate culture and establish a business community they can identify with. It can make your employees feel they’re a part of a team. They’ll feel their successes and achievements are highlighted and valued. 

While the content on your displays can be aimed generally at everyone, it also helps to push campaigns that are more specific. For example, tailor content to specific employee groups such as departments with certain duties. Give them guidelines, suggestions, or even thank them for keeping customer satisfaction at an all-time high. 

Keep the conversation flowing

Use digital signage to share opinions and commentary of staff. This is particularly valuable in larger corporations which manage hundreds of employees. Publish polls, opinions, and even feedback from personnel to show that you hear and value their opinion. 

Apart from engaging them directly, keep the conversation flowing by introducing various topics related to the business. These can also serve as guidelines for content creation. Create a campaign with a headline “What’s New at the Company.” Let employees choose the “Employee of the Week,” as well as “Team Player of the Month”. Do this with whichever role or title is applicable to your business and you feel will contribute to the overall spirit of the company.

Identify the most valuable digital signage software features

There are many types of businesses out there. Each culture holds a unique set of individuals. For some, sharing social media photos doesn’t mean much. Others might value a good RSS feed or an article title. Some already finished their employee training and they don’t feel the need to build a database of content. It all depends on your unique enterprise. 

The beauty of digital signage software is that it covers all bases. Browse through a variety of apps. This includes automated RSS feeds, weather, news, social media apps, and easy ways to build custom content. Explore OnSign TV for free and find which of its many features will help bring the identity of your business into the spotlight!