The OOH Industry Recovers, DSE 2022, Dynamic Compositions, and more!


With the end of the year approaching, industry numbers are coming in from the Out-of-Home world. An exciting event is coming up in November as the OOH industry recovers! Of course, not to forget the exciting news from October, including fun examples from the field of technology, as well as analytics, projections, and guidelines! October was also a trendsetting month for OnSign TV itself with the roll-out of our new and improved Dynamic Compositions

New Zealand reports strongest quarter yet! 

The Out-of-Home industry in New Zealand reports its strongest quarter of growth since early 2021, according to Out-of-Home Media Association Aotearoa (OOHMAA). To be precise, the industry has seen a growth of 26% in Q3 Year-on-Year. This equals $32.2 million in media revenue, up from $25.5 million last year. Programmatic DOOH is experiencing a consistent rise. 

Aotearoa began reporting its numbers early this year stating that programmatic DOOH has almost doubled from Q2. The media association is a solid reference point to take a closer look at the industry’s growth as their DOOH share of media revenue has consistently averaged 66 percent, give or take 2 percent, since Q4 2020.

OOHMAA General Manager Natasha O’Connor says that their revenue results to date reflected the continued faith of agencies and advertisers into this media channel. Out-of-Home is expected to finish 2022 on a high note. More brands turn to it to gain fame, attention, and reach consumers in the days leading up to Christmas.

Overall, these numbers are excellent news and a strong indicator of the OOH industry continuously recovers back to full strength. In case you’re into more numbers and projections, take a look at the data from the World Out of Home Organization that claims DOOH will account for 50% of all OOH revenue by 2026!

Tradition and modern tech working hand-in-hand

Tanishq, India’s largest jewelry retail brand, set up a one of a kind pop-up store at the Palladium Mall in Chennai. It represents the use of modern technology to showcase a piece of history which inspired an entire collection. What makes this experience special is the immersive and personalized 3D experience through holographic videos, fingerprint scanners, and augmented reality. Users can select intricate jewelry pieces from the Chozha collection and look at them in 3D. By using hand gesture sensors, they get to explore the process of making the collection through an interactive book.

This pop-up store allows customers “to truly experience the pride of that era and the intricate craftsmanship which celebrates the art, architecture, and literature of the jewelry,” as Ranjani Krishnaswamy describes it, General Manager of Marketing for the Tanishq brand.

DSE 2022 is just around the corner!

As the OOH industry recovers, events are making a greater impact. And November is going to be an exciting month for the digital signage industry with one particular event coming up. As you may know, Digital Signage Expo permanently closed its doors in 2020. DSE was known as an event showcasing the best and most exciting technology and innovation the Out-of-Home industry has to offer. Now with great expectation and éclat, DSE is making a comeback, though now called the Digital Signage Experience.

Taking place on November 17-19th, 2022, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, DSE will explore every aspect of digital and interactive display technology. This includes elements of design, content, and analytics. Regardless of the sector you’re in, DSE will give you something to see and potentially adopt for your own business. Visit the official DSE website to learn more about networking and special events, as well as the many educational opportunities that await. 

How Out-of-Home influences online behavior

A few years back, Out-of-Home had the role of an advertising medium which provided brand awareness for advertisers. Since then, the medium has evolved. Today, Out-of-Home advertising directly influences decisions and initiates the customer life cycle. A recent study by OUTFRONT and Environics Research confirms this, noting that 49% of Canadians went online to search for more information after being exposed to OOH. Of course, Canada is just one example. While the numbers may vary in other regions, the point still stands.

For any business hungry for new consumers, it’s invaluable to be aware just how powerful outdoor advertising is. In case this is something you’re not fully familiar with, Forbes recently published an article well worth the read!

Digital signage content creation just got a lot easier!

To wrap up this month’s news, we have exciting news of our own. This month, we rolled out Dynamic Compositions which will make your content-creation process a lot easier. Compositions used to be limited to static images and text used to create and update informational content. This includes menus, slides, and promotions. Compositions have since been upgraded to now include dynamic content such as videos, apps, and data feeds. This makes organizing what appears on your display a whole lot easier, as you can quickly stack and customize all of your content as you wish. Take a look at the video below to see how to do it! 

Create your own Dynamic Compositions with a free OnSign TV trial!

Cover photo by Tumisu.