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5 Ways Digital Signage Raises Employee Engagement

Employee engagement can be a challenge as it’s influenced by many different factors. Primarily, if your employees feel they are a part of one productive community which cares about its members, they will be engaged. Thus, your task is to create such an environment! And today, we take a look at one tool which can help you achieve that goal!

Digital signage has many uses, and it can help you on your path to making your business environment flow more smoothly, efficiently and effectively. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits a digital signage network can bring to your attempts to engage employees!

1. Establish a modern environment

Let’s start with the appearance. The visual aspect of digital signage itself immediately upgrades any business to a more modern establishment! This is especially true when digital signage software comes into play. Establishing a digital signage network can do wonders for employee engagement. But even though this particular benefit is often overlooked, the mere presence of it can make a significant impact. 

Naturally, this visual upgrade to a modern 21st century business can’t stand on its own. It is most powerful if your digital signage network is used in an efficient and effective fashion. The appearance acts as an overlay to the potential of this tool. Speaking of which, we’ll take a look at some more practical uses and benefits!

2. Fewer delays and exquisite timing 

There is a variety of communication tools in each and every business out there, some of which you’re surely using already. But while most of them deliver on their promise of easier communication, there are certain issues which can arise. E-mail still stands as one of the most popular methods of communication, but people don’t usually read e-mails immediately. Next is the trouble of highlighting an important email and having it stick out from the rest of the bunch, ensuring it is read immediately.

A digital display network can ensure employees receive relevant information momentarily. An urgent change of schedule can be displayed on all your displays, ensuring everyone is properly informed.

Of course, this implies that your digital signage network shouldn’t be used to transmit an excessive amount of information, at least not in a short period of time. For any kind of one-on-one data exchange or more complex information, there are plenty of other methods to use. With this in mind, you can see that digital signage aims to work with other communication methods, and not against them in an attempt to boost the overall employee engagement and communication.

3. Display a variety of information

There is always information unique to your business. Say, if there are plenty of meetings taking place at one time, using digital displays to find available meeting rooms, or reserving a meeting room for a later time might be very useful!

Of course, for most businesses there are a few common types of data to transmit via a digital signage network:

  • Work schedules
  • Upcoming important events
  • Reminders of upcoming dates
  • Sudden changes and updates
  • Tasks awaiting completion, as well as completed tasks

Awareness of vital information in the business is bound to boost employee engagement significantly. Employees become more invested in the establishment if they feel they’re more familiar with it. 

4. Data becomes clearer and more accessible

Digital signage delivers data promptly where and when it’s needed. If maintained and properly used, your digital display network will establish a very good reputation. Thus, if people know where to turn for accurate up-to-date information, they will be inclined to use it more. And if that happens, more data is pumped into the system which further makes an impact on employee engagement. 

Additionally, clarity of data becomes very important when it comes to recognizing the success of your employees. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and have their work recognized. In order to bring this element to your business, you can transmit data on which team or employee had the greatest business success. And if there was a significant rise in sales or profit for one department, you could consider rewarding their success. As long you recognize the success of your employees in a fair and reasonable, it will act as a booster to employee engagement.

5. More effective employee training

As we focus on the topic of accessible and clear data, employee training becomes a very important subject. 

Learning and adapting to a new job and work environment is always a challenge. We’ve all been there at one point, and even though it’s expected from new employees to ask questions, it’s a lot easier knowing there is a database one can refer to in order to refresh their memory. 

New employees will do their best to adapt to their new environment. For this reason, they’ll gladly turn to self-learning, if the opportunity presents itself. For a start, you can create a database containing every bit of information relevant to the job. To upgrade it further, you can establish a list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) which most newcomers will find useful. This is particularly easy if you simply pay attention to the FAQs your new employees send your way. You could present this data on a touchscreen display located at key-points in the work environment. 

Focus more on employee engagement

With a digital signage network utilized properly, employee engagement in your establishment will skyrocket. Do note, though, that a digital signage network acts as a complementary tool, and enhances employee engagement from a technical point of view. As such, know that it can’t stand alone and you must work on establishing an employee-friendly environment first. The aforementioned example of rewarding the best employee or team can help with that. 

Also, keep in mind that maintaining a digital signage network will require additional work. You can make this a team effort, or even opt to hire one or several individuals to handle the network for you, ensuring it is always up-to-date and as accurate as it can be. The importance behind this task is in the uniqueness each industry or even store has when it comes to creating content. Because of that uniqueness, it’s important to know how to create content specific to your establishment!


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