A Few Simple Tricks to Attract Attention with Digital Signage


Nothing beats quality digital signage content. A common crux is getting people to look at it! Flashy and colorful content can do the trick. Yet then it stands out for all the wrong reasons. Instead, consider ways to attract attention with digital signage without weakening the quality or impact of your main content. Here are a few ways to improve it!

Include remarkably appealing content

Sales information and special promotions can be made interesting only up to an extent. It is understandable if the primary content is not on the top of the list of interesting and appealing elements in your content library. To make things more exciting, include content which is precisely that! As viewers see there is appealing and at the same time useful content on your display, they will get accustomed to observing the display from time to time, giving your main content increased chances to be spotted by more people. 

Here are some ideas!

The deal of the day or real-time information such as time and weather are an easy start. Everyone will glance twice at a display, promising great savings, forecasting weather for the rest of the day, or showing the current time. That’s only the beginning as there are many sources of content to use. Fun facts, daily quotes, as well as local or global news snippets are other great ways to intrigue the viewer to glance at the display more often.

Keep it moving!

If you’re struggling to attract attention with digital signage, go back to the basics! One of the first things you learn about digital signage is that you must keep the content flowing. With the short attention span that’s become the new normal in today’s world, viewers quickly neglect content that sticks around for too long. This can lead to them ignoring the display entirely. For this purpose, always ensure there is something new to see in short bursts of time. If you’re displaying one piece of content at a time, have it switch to another element every 30-60 seconds. 

Naturally, keep in mind the location of the display and audience observing it. High traffic areas welcome quick content rotation. Meanwhile, content intended for an audience that spends a lot of time in one place, such as waiting areas, menu boards, drive-thrus, or long queues, does not need to rotate so quickly. 

Keep the content fresh

Another fundamental tip which is often neglected is maintaining the content frequently updated and relevant to the moment of publishing. If you display a menu, always ensure it’s up to date. The moment someone orders something from it and it’s not available, is the moment the value of that menu slips. If the items on it are not available, what’s the point in showing it? What else is unavailable?

Similarly, if your audience has watched the same ad for a few days, it’s time to swap it out for a new one. Again, bear in mind the context and the audience when looking for ways to attract attention with your digital signage. In high-traffic areas, it’s reasonable to display the same ad for a longer period of time. This is because the audience stream flows quickly and new people see the ad every day. Meanwhile, when the audience consists of mostly the same people frequenting your business, be it a coffee shop, a bakery, or a supermarket, rotating content is due.

If you run out of content sources to diversify your campaigns, take a look at these great apps to fill in any gaps you might have in your content rotation.

Draw visually pleasing displays

When viewers glance at your display, they should receive and grasp the message you’re sending in seconds! Not an easy task to achieve, especially when using multiple elements at once, but when done successfully, it’s quite rewarding. For this purpose, take a look at these design tips we’ve prepared for you. 

For a start, bring order into the display and establish what sort of layout suits your needs best. Screen division is awesome, but maybe your content doesn’t need it. Similarly, choose the correct color scheme to ensure content is palatable and easy to understand. You may have seen tips which say to use highly vibrant colors to attract more attention. While this is true, attracting attention with digital signage in this way will make the content uncomfortable to read.

Re-evaluate the quality of your main content

An easy way to attract attention with your digital signage is to improve your main content. Show genuinely powerful and actually useful content to your target audience. If you want to make a serious impact with your digital signage, a 5% off sale on everything won’t inspire a huge sense of excitement. If this is why you have digital signage, a simple poster would do the trick for that purpose. Digital signage is meant for more impactful content.

Promote sales which are actually noteworthy. Single out products which get your customers excited. Display news updates which are relevant to locals, and feature fun facts which are genuinely entertaining. Once you ensure your audience gets only top-tier content, your digital signage will gain high value in their eyes.

Make your message more precise

Once you establish what makes your target customer tick, content creation becomes a breeze. Messages which are direct in pushing a sale on your most-wanted items, or using the wording your audience finds relatable, will easily earn you trust from your digital signage. 

A simple example is the holiday season. Everyone pays more attention to holiday sales! It’s the perfect time to adjust your content and use key phrases like Black Friday Sale, Cyber Monday, or Christmas Deals. Another way to sharpen the focus of your content is to use buyer personas. Map out a buyer persona by taking various factors into consideration, such as age, gender, the occupation of your target audience, as well as their general interests, and directly speak to that person.

Content creation, apps, and especially scheduling your content for all of these purposes is a lot easier to do with digital signage software on your side! Explore everything OnSign TV has to offer with a free trial.