Is Your Digital Signage Achieving the Right Goals?


Once digital signage is part of your toolbox, even using the bare minimum of its features will prove impact on your business. Imagine what the results would be if you were to use it to the fullest and achieve the more challenging of digital signage goals! 

In this post, we pinpoint the top of the pyramid of those goals and provide you with a roadmap to the quickest way to achieve them all. Let’s start at the beginning!

Attracting attention

The first task for your digital signage, regardless of any higher goal you set, is to grab attention. This step-one goal can always be refined and improved. Attracting any sort of attention is easy, but doing it in a clever, undisturbing, and engaging way is the real challenge. Anyone can annoy people with a display, remember that. Attracting good attention is a digital signage goal that is particularly important for storefronts and the outdoors as there are many other distractions for the viewer. 

Is your display attracting wandering eyes? Will they stay focused long enough to see and grasp your message? If not, optimize as much as you can. Shorten your message for quick comprehension. Make it visually palatable, and add some motion to draw attention to it.

Raising brand awareness

Brand image is an integral component of so many other goals. It is perhaps the most important when it comes to customer loyalty as directly correlates with achieving high brand awareness. Having a recognizable image about your brand will subsequently result in people recognizing it more often.

Is your digital signage content focused sufficiently on brand image and brand awareness? Use your brand logo throughout your campaigns. Sprinkle it everywhere! Personalize your content and create it in a uniform style that reflects the style and colors of your brand. Take it a step further and use interactive displays to allow consumers to access more brand-focused information, such as the story behind the name and the story of your business. This is particularly important with bigger campaigns or events: tie your brand’s visuals into it so when they do blow up, people will know who created them!

Building a stronger relationship with the customer

A new customer is a joyous sight to any business. But, sadly, once that goal is achieved, it isn’t the last in line! One interaction is good at first glance, but painful in the long run if it remains a one-time occurrence. Rely on various tools and methods to build customer loyalty and turn that one-time purchase into repeated visits.

Are you achieving this digital signage goal? As conversion relies on actually bringing new customers to your business, you may want to polish up the aforementioned goals first: attract attention and raise brand awareness. As more visitors enter your store, you’ll find that offering a superb customer experience will passively raise your conversion rates. And if you want to be more active about it, create custom campaigns which highlight the benefits of repeated purchases, or even reward them!

Upselling and cross-selling becomes much easier when you have customer loyalty. Highlight with your digital signage special deals or related products or services which may be useful to the consumer. Don’t overdo it, though, as you don’t want to come across as pushy. This can have a detrimental effect on customer loyalty.

Enhancing the customer experience

We’ve briefly mentioned this digital signage goal, but let’s unravel it a bit further. The mere presence of a digital signage network in your business makes an impact on the customer experience. If you’ll permit a random thought, you have a digital rectangle which can display literally anything you desire. Whatever it is, if you can imagine it on that screen, it can indeed be there! This leaves so much room for experimentation and content creation that is, sadly, often neglected. Businesses settle for the minimum by placing ads and displaying the weather. That’s a fine start, but be aware of other possibilities:

  • Help consumers find their way within your store through wayfinding. 
  • Set up an interactive display or counter to allow users to browse through your inventory. 
  • Use interactivity to collect valuable feedback from customers. 
  • Use interactive games or fun videos to entertain customers. 
  • Create a mood with decorative displays.

Even the placement of your displays can have an effect on the customer experience. Place them where your customer will welcome them most. Customers will embrace wayfinding at the very beginning of their journey through your store. They will want to provide feedback on their way out. Entertainment is best for lounges and even more so for long queues at the cash register. 

When it comes to the customer experience, the possibilities are literally endless. It is easily the one component which can be most diverse and unique to your business, if you invest enough time and effort into building it!

Supporting the internal structure

The main field where digital signage is underestimated is on the other side of the fence: the internal audience. An amazing tool for the consumer, yes, but digital signage can have an even stronger impact on your employees and overall efficiency. Which of these goals does your digital signage achieve for your internal audience? Do you:

  • Remind and announce upcoming events or meetings.
  • Improve morale by highlighting accomplishments. 
  • Enhance employee training. 
  • Prepare your staff for new items and promotions before they step onto the sales floor.
  • Recognize individual successes of your employees.
  • Bypass emails for certain communication and instead rely on displays. 
  • Share performance metrics.
  • Play fun YouTube videos or games in the lounge.

As you see, there are many digital signage goals that await, both for your customers and for your employees. It can sound like a daunting task to handle so much information, to organize it properly, and to do so on a daily basis! That’s right where digital signage software comes into play. By this point, these goals require some sort of software as attempting to achieve them without one would require an endless supply of time and patience!

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