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OnSign TV Newsletter – February 2017 #2


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Hey there,
We have another month loaded with great news!

Take a look at our new Meeting Room Calendar Apps!

  • Meeting rooms are always a struggle in any company. Now you can add a screen or tablet at the door of every room and present in real-time all booking and meeting info!

Are you ready to boost your content? OnSign TV gives you the tools!

Beginning February, all Files and Apps were gathered in a single location: the Content tab. We have not only put all content together, but also expanded the assets so you can create stunning campaigns for your digital signage.
Take a look on all new features:

  • Image Composer: Now it is for real! The Image composer isn’t beta any longer. New shortcuts were added so you can easily create content from scratch without ever leaving OnSign TV. Create banners, menus, ads, announcements and much more.
  • Templates: OnSign TV will give you a hand if you don’t consider yourself  a skilled designer. Take a look at the new “Templates” folder. There you will find Menu Boards, Stylish Directories and Sales Ads. All templates can be edited and changed within the Composer!

Find out more details about each feature below.

Looking for more features?
Take a look at 
OnSign TV Tutorials!

Meeting Room App 

This will for sure enable a very different way to use your screens all around!
Avoid double booking, interruptions during presentations and lost visitors with the new Meeting Room App. Display right at the door the current meeting info and all room booking for the day.
Here are some interesting use cases for this new App:

  • School: Display class subject and the coming classes.
  • Movies: Inform where each movie will be displayed. Late viewers can easily identify where they should enter. 
  • Co-working offices: Let clear which rooms were already taken and which ones are available.

The events are synced directly from your Google Calendar, Outlook server, Outlook 365, or any iCal compatible calendar. All you  need is to enter the iCal address on the App. [Check out complete tutorial]

There are two different layouts available:

Fullscreen App

Display on the entire screen or smaller zones the room availability in the moment as well as next bookings. Customize background image and enable animation.

Meeting Room – Bar App

Save some space by using the bar version and add up more content to your screen! This app will only display the current event topic and time. 

Composer is here to stay!

We have added several improvements to the Composer. Now you can take advantage of keyboard shortcut, undo/redo, clone, auto distribute and align elements. We have also improved the overall usability.
Start using the composer and streamline your content creation!

  Undo & Redo 
Can you imagine any tool more important than this one? We can’t. Especially after accidentally deleting an item on the canvas. Use the commands on the top of the screen or the well-known shortcuts: “Ctrl Z” and “Ctrl  Y”. 

Are you striving to create a pixel perfect shape? Now it is easy! Create your shape, or text once and clone it as many times as needed!

  Group, ungroup
Moving the elements of a simple composition is easy, but things might get more complicated if you are dealing with a menu board with several snack and drink options. If you wish to rearrange items, select multiple elements with the “Shift Key” pressed, and then click on the “Group icon” to move them all at once.
To edit an item color or size, click the “Ungroup icon” and modify the property. 

Send backward, bring forward
As you add more and more elements into the canvas, they will be stacked in a sequence, as presented on the left menu “Layers” option. There is no big deal if they are not on top of each other, but if a shape is covering the text, you can use this command to bring it forward.

Alignment and distribute tools
This is another feature for the pixel perfect designers! Select all the elements on the screen and align them at the bottom, top, left, right, or center. Use this tool when creating menu boards, lists or graphics. Also distribute elements evenly on horizontal or vertical orientation.



OnSign TV has already given you the tools for deploying digital signage everywhere. To boost your production, now you can get inspired and take advantage of Templates. All templates can be edited with the Image Composer, so changing color, text and adding your pictures takes only a couple clicks!


To start we are sharing  about 50 template options including Menu Boards, Sales Ads and Directories. Go to templates folder.

File browser is now everywhere !

Everytime you need to look for a file on OnSign TV platform, you will be able to search it on a pop-up window presenting the entire Content tab. It happens when setting a background image for an app (image below), or changing a screen zone content when using interactivity.
Before, you needed to look for the file’s name on a dropdown list. The more files you had, the longer the list and the more complex the search. 

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