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3D Outdoor Ads: 6 Jaw-Dropping Examples!

A virtual shark tank: just one example of stunning 3D outdoor ads

Typically referred to as the 3D Out-of-Home billboard, there have been several jaw-dropping 3D outdoor ads and campaigns which truly made you believe there was another dimension within the billboard, if you looked at them from a certain angle. This can be the case even with static billboards, but when it comes to digital, they become all the more believable. These 3D outdoor ads are, of course, only illusions, but fascinating at that nonetheless. Who knows, they might even be an inspiration for your next big campaign?

A giant cat lurks around the corner

If you’re a cat person, you’re in for a treat! This 1,664 square foot curved LED screen in Japan is the home to a hyper-realistic feline giant

The kitty giant was developed under commission from the building owners, Cross Space, aiming to show future possibilities of technology. It is a very clever and fascinating move to draw attention from the busy street below. After all, with such a vast sea of billboards and ads in Japan, it becomes quite challenging to catch attention and 3D outdoor ads seem to be doing it well! Suffice to say, the cat went viral on the internet, mainly since it gives off the impression of actually responding to the outside world.

A golden bull leaps from a building

Sticking to the theme of animals on building corners, here’s one of a charging golden bull which is spray painted into gold. Then it leaps out, seemingly shattering the glass of the building. Placed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on the corner of a shopping mall, this campaign also went viral on social media as it’s one of the more astonishing 3D outdoor ads. The screen measures a total size of 1,310 square meters.

As you might have already assumed, the theme of this visual is the celebration of the Chinese New Year and 2021, the Year of the Bull.

A 3D outdoor ad, or spaceship parking?

China marked their New Year Celebrations with a traditional approach, but it also uses 3D outdoor ads as a path to the future with this 3D LED spaceship. This 900 square meter 90-degree curved LED installation was set above a retail space in Chengdu, China. It relies on the effect of depth. This lets it create a perfect illusion that a spaceship is actually emerging out of the building. The viewing angle shows it returning from space and making a landing. Of course, given that it’s placed on a digital installation, it needs to be viewed from a specific angle in order to create this illusion. 

It’s a virtual flood of 3D outdoor ads!

In recent months, there have been several stunning outdoor ads involving illusions of water. In our recent digital signage news articles, we mentioned some of them already. The virtual waterfall in Times Square, as well as the one in an Atlanta school were both astonishing sights. Another eye-catching example is the splashing water illusion in the heart of Seoul, South Korea.

This massive billboard installation truly created the illusion of water encased in a transparent water tank.

Dancing Bodies

Fast forward several months, and in the very same location as the previous example in Seoul, there is another excellent example of stunning 3D outdoor ads! The description of this piece: “We hope for a world where people with diverse values can harmonize. Two people dancing in spaces of different dimensions reach out to touch each other, it comes out of the confined space and blends, finally creating a beautiful movement.”

A gift from a giant

We jump over to Taiwan, to the Gushan District of Kaohsiung City. There, a giant holographic campaign took over the corner display of the Eskymall. The trick of this corner display is that it creates an illusion of the room within the building. This makes it all the more believable when the main character of the ad emerges. Then it appears he is reaching out to hand you a gift. 

This is another example of utilizing the surroundings of a display to the extreme and creating another dimension within the context of the content. As impressive as these feats are, similar approaches are possible to apply to your own digital signage! Of course, it would not necessarily involve a one-eyed giant. But you can still do amazing things by adding more detail to your content.

More examples of 3D outdoor ads

To wrap things up, the video below is quite the treat! It brings more examples of amazing 3D outdoor ads. Of course, one can hardly view them as just as ads! Rather, they truly are stunning visuals to look at, including some of those which we have mentioned above.