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5 Critical Digital Signage Engagement Methods You Should Know

There is no shortage of engagement tools in the world of digital signage. We have social media, video walls, interactive displays, mobile devices, apps, and much more!

Those are all tools you can use, but how are they best used, and which examples should you follow when planning your own highly engaging digital signage campaign? Additionally, you’ve seen there are many engagement tools available, but is it mandatory to spend money and time on all of them?

#1 Narrow your focus to the local market

Digital signage campaigns are known for being very general for the brand and can be displayed in many different locations with ease. However, there is a hidden gem which fades when you create generic content which can be used anywhere. If you create content specific to a certain audience or region, it is more effective in that field.

In 2016, Spotify did a very localized campaign with quite an unusual focus. They showed digital ads such as “Dear 3,749 people who streamed ‘It’s The End Of The World As We Knew it’ the day of the Brexit Vote. Hang In There.”

Although a silly little ad at first, it generated a great deal of interaction and sharing, showing that making an ad extremely personal, yet let’s not forget funny at that, it can be an effective way to engage viewers.

#2 Create brand-unique content

Engagement tools are easy, if you know how to use them. Social media is a prevalent method people use to talk about your brand, learn to use it! If you truly want to engage the viewer in the field of social media, you must provide intriguing content,connecting real life with the online life at best. You will be guaranteed noteworthy publicity.

One example of the extreme level of such usage can be seen in a coughing anti-smoking ad used in Sweden. Quite literally, the display coughs when it detects smoke.

Digital signage engaging content ad

Granted, this example is pretty sophisticated, but digital signage doesn’t have to be that elaborate to work. A similar effect could have been achieved with non-interactive content filmed at that specific location. As long as it’s interesting and personal, people will talk about it!

#3 Use rotating content wisely

With so many methods and examples of effective content out there, people often ask whether an interactive display is worth the trouble. After all, if a smart billboard message can engage people, why should you invest in an interactive touchscreen display?

Digital signage engaging content in public places

It is true, there is still a place and a time for standard displays which only rotate information. This is primarily reserved for displays which reach out to many people at once, making interaction from a single individual strange and unattainable. Billboards are one of the common examples where you want to rotate carefully constructed campaigns.

#4 Should you invest in interactive displays?

As for interactive displays, they are highly effective and certainly worth the investment and should be placed at ideal locations where they’ll get the most interactions. Having an interactive display unlocks the potential for many different uses and methods of engagement.

By investing in an interactive display, you can allow customers to browse more engaging content, research product information or try interesting apps you’ve prepared for them. Interactivity itself is still an advanced concept, thus it will go hand in hand with carefully constructed engaging content aimed to provoke as much engagement as possible.

#5 Know the rules for creating engaging content

Regardless of what type of engaging content, method, or tool you use, it has to look good and meet or surpass particular expectations for it to be engaging in the first place. Some of the most important rules for creating engaging content is to establish the following:

  • Objectives must be determined at the start. What type of engagement are you seeking? What do you want the customer to do? Share on social media perhaps?
  • Audience must be specified. Who is your ad targeting? Previously, we’ve seen how Spotify targeted a specific response from a specific type of audience. You must do the same.
  • Visuals must be in perfect balance. This is a purely technical rule which ensures people can easily see and understand your content in hopes of provoking engagement.

Digital signage engaging content

Creating engaging content can be tricky as, much like marketing itself, it becomes hard to predict what draws people in and encourages them to take action. Experiment with your own specific brand style and create unique engaging content which will ensure you get the engagement you want.

Remember to have clearly outlined what you want to achieve and how you want the customer to engage. Although we’ve discussed engagement methods and tools, don’t forget to focus on the very basics of any advertising strategy, such as having a clear and visible call-to-action.

Additionally, do not be afraid to get inspired by examples of engaging digital signage campaigns which reached success, much like the ones shared in this article.

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