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Transparent Displays: The Future of Digital Signage

Transparent screens are powerful innovations which take the digital signage experience to a futuristic level: an overlay of information, allowing the background behind the display to remain visible.

What are some amazing impacts these transparent screens can make to your business, you might ask. Keep reading to find out! However, if you’re curious about the technology and the way transparent screens work, let’s just say the technology has been around for quite some time but has only been used as part of the standard LCD displays. If you want to inspect the technical side of this marvelous digital advancement, be sure to check out a video by Techquickie on YouTube.

Now, let us focus on some inspiring uses for transparent digital screens, such as the mosaic above used in one of the locations of La Madeleine, a restaurant chain in Paris. Comprised of 40 LCD screens, this transparent collection makes it appear as if a holographic projection was taking place.

Powerful impact in self-service of any kind

Any self-service establishment relies on clarity of information to run smoothly. You want any new customer to be able to figure out how to manage the system like a pro. Transparent displays can be a great asset in this endeavor, as long as your content is easy to understand. Much like digital signage in general, a transparent display is an excellent tool only if used wisely.

One of the simplest examples is the use of transparent screens in convenience stores and restaurants. By using a transparent screen as a door, for coolers or other installations, you can provide information about the products behind the display.

In a convenience store, a transparent screen can show prices for products in the coolers in a clear and efficient fashion. Prices are displayed to the customer whilst the product is still visible. You can’t use standard signage or stickers to highlight product features without blocking the view of the product. Additionally, you can use transparent screens to highlight any special offer styled as advertisement for the product on display.

In a fast food restaurant, you can use transparent screens to make self-service an easier and more enjoyable experience by eliminating the need to have staff supervise or assist customers.

Transparent displays are adaptable to all industries

If you think about it, any location with a window or a glass wall can make excellent use of transparent screens. You can use restaurant windows to show advertisements, cooler doors or glass shelves to display product information, or make information more accessible in locations such as a shopping mall or a museum.

Transparent screens allow visitors to study museum pieces in more detail without having to touch them: an especially useful feature for exhibits where items are protected behind glass.

Transparent screens have been around for a few years in convenience and liquor stores, but they are starting to extend beyond the standard replacements for fridge doors. The best asset of these displays, aside from their features, is their ability to bring all the advantages of digital signage to instances where it normally couldn’t be used (i.e. the fridge door!) Your typical digital signage installation would highlight product features, special offers and engage customers, but if you want to use digital signage for your fridge door or a restaurant window, you’ll block important views. Transparent screens obliterate those limits and extend the digital signage playing field.

Powerful impact in advertising

Advertising is all about catching attention, something transparent screens excel at. As you’ve seen the uses of it thus far, surely you can see how a transparent screen can be used in your business environment.. Unless you operate in an environment without windows, transparent screens can elevate your business and make advertisements a more natural part of your environment.

Transparent screens have spread beyond liquor stores, and are climbing the “cool gadget” ladder very quickly. One astonishing example is advertising with transparent digital display cases.

Merchandisers use digital signage cases to overlay text describing products and features of the product inside, or even show videos of it in use. In essence, apply the concept of the transparent screen from a museum we have seen earlier to standard product advertising and this is what you get! Quite astonishing, this type of advertising works for electronic devices, cosmetics, jewelry, collectibles or virtually anything that can fit inside a box and benefits from additional explanation.

The transparency in the world of digital signage is growing, in every meaning of the word. It is becoming very clear how useful this particular technology is to every business, and how it can make digital signage an even more useful accessory to businesses around the world, regardless of industry.

With all this in mind, do you see a use for transparent screens in your business? The answer to this question can be easily derived from a simpler one. Does your office have windows?


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