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What Is Programmatic Digital Signage?

Programmatic digital signage is this emerging buzzword. You’ve most likely come across it in the recent months. We will go in-depth on the definition later, but before we do, note that it’s a very wide concept which covers several different areas. This is quite similar to the style of the definition of digital signage itself. It covers many things.

Thus, in short one could say programmatic digital signage refers to the process of automation within the realm of digital signage. Although it’s typically defined as an automated process of selling digital advertising space, some would add that this has to include other automated aspects of digital signage. For example they would include the automation of content displayed through scheduling, as well as the automatic adjustment of digital signage campaigns by means of specific triggers, such as weather changes or times of day. But we won’t focus too much about the latter uses for this buzzword, only the former.

What does programmatic mean for digital signage?

The very definition of programmatic digital signage is a bit blurry, with so many experts using it to describe different shades of automation within digital signage. For the main part when it’s discussed, programmatic digital signage refers to selling advertising space to those interested in using it, through an automated process.

Ordinarily, deals for digital signage advertising would go through back and forth communication between multiple people. The client would inquire costs, benefits and reach of the digital ad space they’d like to utilize. The seller of said digital signage advertising space would then provide inquired information, negotiate and eventually close the deal. Programmatic digital signage in this aspect aims to eliminate the need for this interaction and make the process automated and swift.

It’s not a brand new advertising model

Through programmatic digital signage, ideally, clients wanting to purchase advertising space would be able to view an offer through the software presented to them. This will result in a quick conclusion of contract and deployment of ads in the location where the client needs them the most.

It may appear new, but this model has already existed in online advertising for a while.

Programmatic advertising does not not require you to go through the process of negotiation or discussion with someone in order to purchase ad space. There are certain services online which allow you to reach out and await a response from a representative. Afterwards you’ll discuss what sort of service or product you want, amount, pricing etc. Naturally, as can be seen in the preferences of any buyer, most prefer to get to a product or service as quickly as possible. Programmatic ensures higher efficiency, and it stands to reason for its adaptation in the physical world of DOOH. It’s quite effective at being efficient!

Benefits of programmatic digital signage

Most of the benefits of any type of programmatic advertising are the same when applied to digital signage. As we saw, the automation offered ensures less steps and less people are a part of the sales process. Also, the quantity as well as speed of selling is greater.

Another quite important benefit are its analytics. These days, automation of any kind can easily provide useful data to the business. There is much to be learned from analytics.

First, you have the stats on all purchases of a specific advertising space. This is straightforward information generated. Second, you have the programmatic aspects of digital signage itself when delivering the content to the viewer. The ability to display content based on specific triggers may also fall under programmatic digital signage. One could argue that the very simplest form of it would be scheduling. However, triggers are what elevates mere scheduling to a higher level. Triggers allow for more targeted, creative and versatile campaigns, and they provide richer analytical data.

Programmatic is the future of advertising

Subordinate programmatic advertising has been around and that for quite some time. It’s been growing and spreading to digital signage for some time now. Currently, it’s gaining more traction than ever. For example, last year, ClearChannel made quite a big push in the OOH industry when they debuted their programmatic digital signage offer.

Programmatic digital signage in general certainly brought more efficiency to the table for ad purchasing. People could book ads without the need of human assistance. Now that efficiency is finding a niche in Digital Out Of Home advertising. And will surely make it faster and easier to access for ad purchasing.

As we are well aware, digital signage is advancing and expanding constantly. By now, it is fairly clear that its complexity will grow significantly. Instead of just being a plus, it will be a required commodity to ensure proper management.

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