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4 Main Reasons For Taxis To Utilize Digital Signage

Digital signage is a powerful tool, used in many industries and institutions. At its core, its main purpose is to provide information. Then there are related positive side-effects it also provides. Through signage, brand awareness rises, audience reach is greater, versatility of content and the potential for its deployment is greater. Lastly, it makes a brand current and relevant to the age we live in. With that power in mind, let’s take a look at yet another industry where digital signage is growing rapidly: taxis!

There is a wide array of benefits you can gain from using a digital display in and on a taxi. This applies both to taxi businesses, as well as companies looking to advertise on them. Both sides will find the benefits below very valuable as we take a look at them from a business perspective. We’ve seen how digital signage can benefit public transportation, now we see some of the same benefits and reasons applied to taxis. This goes for mounted displays as well as displays used inside the taxi.

Taxis reach a wide audience

Just like any other means of transportation available to the public, taxis cover plenty of miles daily. Thousands of people see them each day. However, taxis stand out from their public transportation siblings in that they don’t move on a predetermined route. To get more work, taxis tend to move through the densest and most frequented parts of the city. 

Knowing this, any sort of advertising can quite literally piggyback on a taxi and join the spotlight! This is the primary reason taxis and buses have been the carriers of traditional signage for such a long time. If you add all the benefits of digital signage to the equation, you’ll have a powerful tool with a vast audience reach. If you’re a brand looking to reach more people, it would be ideal to advertise on a taxi because of this.

Easy audience targeting

We’ve seen what makes taxis the perfect mounts for any type of advertising, and let’s see why that advertising should be digital. 

Primarily, you know that digital signage possesses the ability to rotate content and display it on a set schedule. You can set up campaigns to run specifically at a time of day, and display multiple different types over time. 

Sounds great, right? Let’s kick it up a notch. 

Digital signage can also trigger your campaigns based on location. Advertising can be displayed specifically based on the part of town the taxi is located in. This feature can be optimally utilized if you have your audience data ready. For instance, if you’re advertising a fancy clothing brand, it would be clever to display that ad once the taxi is near a mall where the brand is sold. 


Above you can see how setting up a geo-fence would look like if you were to use digital signage software such as OnSign TV. This tool will automatically trigger content playback based on the GPS location of the vehicle.

A reminder: digital signage is a tool and conduit for your business, meaning the more solid your audience data is, the more effective digital signage location-based advertising will be. Once you opt for taxi-mounted digital signage, be sure to focus on content brainstorming and creation with the aforementioned advantages in mind. Start that journey by taking a look at this article which talks about creating engaging digital signage campaigns. You can utilize these same tools if you’re a taxi company selling advertising space. Make clever campaigns which will perfectly display the power of your advertising tool and reach. 

A boost to your brand appearance  

Digital signage provides information to a large number of people, but using it also raises the image of your brand. This is true even in a small dentist office or a massive supermarket chain. And it’s also true when it comes to taxi-mounted digital signage!

Vehicle-mounted displays are familiar to people. Except for in New York City maybe they haven’t been over-utilized to such a massive degree (yet) that they still stand out to people when they see them. We can all ignore the ad printed on an advertising pillar easily, but when it’s a moving display, a part of us always says “would you look at that… interesting.” If you use digital signage in this way, it can help you stay current and be more attractive to the public. And if you’re a taxi service looking to sell ad space, it certainly helps if the taxi itself is just as sleek to polish up your branding! This is when it makes sense to use this channel to increase your brand’s awareness in the public.

Don’t forget about the in-vehicle uses!

Digital signage shouldn’t be limited to the outside. Using digital signage inside the vehicle can also have an impact. Much like in the travel industry overall, in-vehicle displays have several uses.

In many taxis around the world, passengers can now make payments easily, and they can do so through a display which is digital signage compatible. If you’re a taxi company, this would greatly enhance your service and customer experience. The display inside the vehicle can also be used for entertainment, news, weather or anything else you’d like to use to make the trip feel shorter for the passenger. Ideally, they should be able to control what they want to see on the display, if anything at all. 

When it comes to advertising, it would be best to handle the matter sensibly. The last thing a passenger wants to see is an ad in their face as soon as they enter the taxi. If you do want to display ads, be sure they’re not too intrusive. A good idea would be to split the display somewhat in terms of content. The ad could be a banner at the bottom of the display.

Internal or external, whatever the use may be, digital signage has found yet another companion it works amazingly with. 

Taxis and digital signage go hand in hand

Let’s recap! When it comes to the use of digital signage with a taxi, there is a great potential for creating and displaying various types of content. Once mounted on the vehicle, the audience reach is greater, brand awareness rises and the impact on the perception of the audience is stronger. When used inside the vehicle, it can enhance the customer experience, making trip seem shorter and informing the passenger at the same time! This applies to you regardless if you’re a taxi service looking to sell ad space on a taxi, or a company looking to advertise on one. 

Finally, you might be uncertain of whether investing in digital signage of this kind is beneficial. Know only that using digital signage on taxis can bring you these benefits easily, but the key lies in clever content creation and business strategy. If you find that your business has them, investing in digital signage should be a no-brainer!


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