Build your own digital signage

Manage your screens with ease and speed

Broadcast your content quickly and effortlessly because after all, as a business owner, your time is limited. If you are new to digital signage and want an affordable do-it-yourself approach, this is the solution for you.

Digital signage can be as easy as child’s play. Even without technical knowledge, you can operate the software and administrate a digital signage network with ease.

Upload  images, videos, or web pages. Apps which show dynamic contents like weather forecasts, RSS news or text scrollers are easily embedded. Sign up for your free trial account to get started.

Key Features for Small Businesses


Drag-and-drop timeline

Creating your campaings with by simply dragging your medias and Apps into the timeline.

Multiple regions

Play a campaign using multiple regions and assigning different medias to each zone. Customize it with as many zones as you want.


Create dynamic content using Apps. Weather info, realtime clock, RSS feeds, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, directory templates, and much more !