White Label Your Platform – Your brand!

The OnSign TV White Label Service provides extensive platform customization for featuring your brand, your colors, your domain name and more. 

The goal is to provide all the tools for you to sell and manage several accounts under your brand. 

More than just visual features, the White Label Solution provides additional tools for:

Creating and managing completely isolated accounts

Individually assigning the number of licenses available to each account

Option for blocking and unblocking individual accounts whenever necessary

Tools for providing  support and impersonating your customer’s account

Auditing tools for tracking each user’s activities

Custom player software featuring your brand and colors

Buying a large number of licenses and reselling to each individual organization under your White Label

What can be customized

  • Custom URL. The White Label will use your domain name
  • Custom Player App for Android, Windows, Linux, Samsung SSSP, LG webOS
  • Custom platform name. This is used several times inside the platform
  • Custom platform email address used for sending platform messages and warnings
  • Custom platform header logo
  • Custom platform menu color
  • Custom Player App icon
  • Custom Player logos, fonts, and background colors
  • Custom page Favicon

Typical White Label Customers

Today, OnSign TV has several White Label customers operating around the world. Here are some examples of typical customers who choose to go White Label.

Resell Under your Brand

The White Label Service is a great solution for Resellers who want to sell the service under different policies, pricing, and of course under their own brand.

Telco Operators

More and more, Telecom Operators are striving to provide a one-stop-shop to customers. With a growing demand for Digital Signage Solutions, OnSign TV’s White Label Platform has been used by large and small operators.

Hardware Manufacturers

With a growing interest in software and value-added services, many hardware manufactures are looking to provide a turnkey, hardware+software solution. The White Label platform is ideal in this scenario where the manufacturer can immediately provide a full-fledged platform with a very low initial investment.

Large Network Operators

Once a signage network becomes really large, it may be time to portray its identity across the whole ecosystem. Taking advantage of OnSign TV’s White Label Solution will both increase brand awareness and provide additional features for arranging players within separate organizations.

White Label Requirements

Building, releasing, and maintaining each White Label requires a significant amount of effort on our side. 

For this reason, we require a MINIMUM OF 1,000 SUBSCRIBED PLAYERS to be eligible for the White Label Service.

White Label Billing

The White Label Service charges are subdivided into three categories

 Server Fee
$9,999/Year – This is a yearly fee charged for setting and maintaining your custom White Label Server. 

 Player Customization Fee
$1,499/year – This is a yearly fee for customizing, supporting, and providing updates for the player that will run on all your devices. The Player customization fee is charged per each operating system you may want to support. 

This is the per Player Fee. The same you would pay for our standard service.

Not ready for White Label Yet?

The OnSign TV Reseller program is a great alternative in case you don’t qualify yet for the White Label.

Get to know more about the OnSign TV Reseller Program


The custom software will be provided to you both inside the platform and through a unique link. You can use this link on your website to also create additional locations for download.
We don’t allow distributing the APK on Google Playstore.
The OnSign TV Player Software is updated at least once a month.
In most cases, we release the updates first to standard OnSign TV Players and once the update is fully validated, we propagate the update to our White Label customers. Our intention with this is to ensure the White Label updates are the safest and well-validated.
White Label support is provided thought our support channel support@onsign.tv.
Yes, we definitely can and will always help. Still, in most cases, the White Label brand will provide first level support to end-customer and reach out to OnSign TV support for additional help whenever needed.

OnSign TV will only charge the White Label owner. Thus charging the end-user is the White Label owner’s responsibility.

No, never! We will only communicate with the White Label Owner.

No, trials are not supported for White Label accounts.

Typically a White Label implementation will require 2 to 3 weeks to be released.