With a wide range of hardware options, Windows is a great operating system choice for powering your digital signage players.

Recommended Hardware

OnSign TV is a lightweight software designed to run both on low- and high-end Windows PC platforms. Choosing the correct hardware configuration will depend on what content you plan to present.

  Windows 10 or above

  64 bits support

  4GB is highly recommended

Important notes:
Always download and install the latest driver for your Graphic Card!

The minimum player requirements will vary depending on what type of content will be played.

Our recommendation is to actually test and validate your content with the hardware you plan on using.

As a simple rule, we recommend:

  • Intel Celeron – Only to very simple, full-screen content
  • Intel i3 – Layouts with multiple zones.
  • Intel i5 (or above) – When playing 4k content, complex multizone, heavy HTML.


NUC Players

If you are looking for a great cost effective solution, Intel NUC players are an outstanding choice! Easy to find and purchase, Intel NUC lineup has been actively supported by Intel for many years offering small footprint and wide CPU choice.

Single Screen Hardware Recommendations

Player Type Screen Zones Video Resolution App Type Transitions Hardware
Atom, or Celeron - 2Gb RAM (4Gb recommended)
Intel I3 - 4GB RAM
Intel I5 or above - 8GB RAM
* This table is an overall guideline to help customers choose their player settings.
To ensure full satisfaction, we always recommend testing your content on the chosen target configuration.

Single Screen Hardware Recommendations

Windows PC is for sure the most popular choice when it comes to Video Walls. While it is important to select a good CPU and enough RAM, Video Walls require a careful Graphic Video Card selection to ensure it can smoothly drive your content on multiple screens.

Recommended Graphic Cards:

  Nvidia – Quadro P2000 Quadro P1000 NVS 810

  Radeon – E6465 E9170 E8860 E9550 W7100 W9100

Professional Video Wall Players

If you are not willing to take any chances compiling your Video Wall Hardware, the best choice is to purchase Professional Video Wall Hardware.
We recommend iBASE.