Apps are an easy and powerful way to add dynamic content to your digital signage screens. Present information like weather, RSS feeds, streaming video, Facebook and Instagram posts, YouTube videos and much more.

Developing new Apps is also simple. Apps are based on web technologies, so you can either do it yourself using HTML5, or talk to us and we will get it done.


Weather Forecast

Present current weather and its forecasts for any city in the world. Choose from various formats and settings.

  • Simple weather widget for small screen spaces
  • Detailed full-screen weather forecast
  • Easily presented alongside other content
  • Theme changes depending on the weather

RSS Feed

With this app you can easily link your signage display to any RSS feed in full screen. Information can be presented in several formats. You can schedule to display text and images from the RSS source of your choice.


With this app you can choose from a variety of clock formats to display a real time clock on your signage display. You can choose between analog or digital formats as well as different languages and color backgrounds.

Drag-and-drop Timeline

Drag-and-drop your videos and images to build the perfect timeline with ease. Choose from several different campaign layouts to combine content perfectly. You can also use the rotating media App to insert a different video each time the campaign is played back. You can set up audio tracks alongside video or images if you want to. Supported formats:

  • Image format - PNG, JPEG, GIF format or PDF files
  • Video format - MP4 files with H.264 encoded
  • Dynamic HTML5 content, including Javascript and CSS3 files

YouTube Video Playback

You can playback remote content streamed directly from YouTube. All you need is to enter the video URL. You can also share a website in the same fashion.

Social Media

You can get your content directly from Facebook, all you need is a link and you can share public posts on your display. Link Instagram to your screens, choosing between displaying your feed, a user's feed or your likes, allowing you to approve content before it’s displayed.

Directory Template

Use the directory template to quickly create beautiful tables. This is a straightforward solution if you would like to display a Building directory or even game score results.

Game Score Template

You can use the game score template to display the current status and results of a sport's match or display other values that require a table.

Media RSS Feed

This App lets you show images and videos from an RSS feed. The media can be presented sequentially or in a cycling fashion, where each time the campaign it’s shown in uses a different media from the feed. You can experiment with different templates for your RSS media to find the one that suits your display best.



In case you are looking for a new App not available yet, you can easily develop your own App using HTML5 and our SDK.