Security Policy

OnSign TV Security Policy

At OnSign TV we take security very seriously. Your files are strictly yours and no other user in the system can access them. In order to be able to view, download, or even check if a file exists an access token is required. If you have logged in from the website, a token was automatically generated for you and attached to your browser session.

Once you’ve authorized a Player, they also get an access token, but the Player’s access token can only be used to download files, never to modify them. All communication between your browser and OnSign TV, as well as between your Players and OnSign TV, happens through HTTPS, a secure protocol used by all financial institutions, as well as by Google and Facebook. It is not possible to access OnSign TV without HTTPS. This way you can safely access the OnSign TV website, no matter where you are. Currently we host all files on our servers located in data centers in US, Europe and Asia. Keep in mind that we do backups of your files; once you delete a file it might take up to 7 days for them to be removed from our backup system, but it will immediately be removed from your account, so an attacker would no longer have access to it. We continuously monitor new potential vulnerabilities and make sure all servers are kept up-to-date. Only a handful of people, those responsible for keeping OnSign TV up and running, can access them. Accessing a user’s file without consent is explicitly forbidden. If you have any further inquiry please get in touch and we will gladly answer them!