OnSign TV offers a wide set of powerful features designed to empower professional signage. With thousands of customers all around the world, we have everything you need to take your signage operation to the next level.

OnSign TV Key Features

Campaign scheduling

Schedule and publish your messages in any way you wish: by date, hour, day of the week or location.

Multiple regions

Play a campaign using multiple regions and assigning different media to each zone. Customize it with as many zones as you want.

Audit Log

Create users with different access rights and get a detailed report tracking what each user has performed.

Drag and Drop

Creating your campaigns by simply dragging your media and Apps into the timeline.

Proof of Play

Get a detailed report confirming each and every time a campaign has been played back.

Real Time Monitoring

Detect any issue so you can take immediate action and keep track of every player performance.


Create dynamic content using Apps. Weather info, realtime clock, RSS feeds, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, directory templates, and much more!

Build Your Own Apps

We also offer complete guideline so you can build new Apps yourself.


Apps are an easy and powerful way to add dynamic content to your digital signage screens. Present information like weather, RSS feeds, streaming video, Facebook and Instagram posts, YouTube videos and much more.

RSS Feed

With this app you can easily link your signage display to any RSS feed in full screen. Information can be presented in several formats. You can schedule to display text and images from the RSS source of your choice.


Present current weather and its forecasts for any city in the world. Choose from various formats and settings.


You can use the game score to display the current status and results of a sport’s match.


Present the latest arrivals, or upcoming departures for any airport.


Present beautiful banners, casting and release date for the most popular upcoming movies.


Displays current exchange rate for selected currency and 7 days history chart.

YouTube Video Playback

You can playback remote content streamed directly from YouTube. All you need is to enter the video URL. You can also share a website in the same fashion.

Wi-Fi Zone

Present Wi-Fi Zone credentials and a QR Code so users can quickly get connected.

Develop your Own Apps

Developing new Apps is also simple. Apps are based on web technologies, so you can either do it yourself using HTML5, or talk to us and we will get it done.



  • OnSign TV provides a full SDK so you can develop you own apps
  • Start developing using as a reference some of our sample apps


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