Professional Services

Our team can provide training, consulting services, App development and even platform customization.

Professional Services

The OnSign TV Professional service team comprises a number of people from different backgrounds such as software development, design, consulting, hardware engineers, content creation. All to help you take your project to the next level.


As projects grow larger, so does the complexity and planning required for an efficient implementation. Before spending time and money on the wrong choices, our team can really help you. Keep in mind that several choices made in the early stages will be very hard to be changed or reversed later on. Let us help you plan and implement your project. You will improve quality and save money.

Here are some topics our team commonly works on:

  How to design and structure large and complex signage networks

 Finding the best way for distribution and maintenance of your content

 Structuring user permissions across complex organizations

 Testing specific hardware compatibility, performance, and reliability

 Integrating specific external data sources and feeds

 Designing and implementing pilot project operations


 Planning and designing In-vehicle Signage Solutions

 App development

 Platform and Player customization