App Development

Apps are extremely flexible and can quickly add many new features to your screens.

While OnSign TV offers a full framework (SDK) and even examples for you to develop your own Apps,

we know not everybody is a software developer. 

If you need a new App, why not take advantage of our team to do it?
We have developed hundreds of Apps, therefore we for sure know what we are doing there!

This is what we need to provide you a quote

 A description of the App operation

 A sample design how the App should look like. Even better if you already have the graphic assets for us to reuse and streamline the process

 Let us know if you would like any particular visual effects or transitions

 Let us know what target hardware you plan on using for presenting the new App. Developing for multiple hardware will require us to validate and test for each platform

Platform Customization

Complex projects often require custom solutions. The OnSign TV team has helped numerous projects by implementing custom features required for the project’s success.

In many cases, your feature request is already planned for in our short term roadmap. Then we will give you a pretty accurate estimate when it will be ready. This also means you will also get it for free!

Let us know in case you need something new and our product and development team will provide you a quote. Custom projects are charged based on the effort required to implement them.

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