To support a larger number of hardware partners and enhance compatibility for Android 5+ devices, we are introducing the OnSign TV SPM together with OnSign TV 6.0.0

When visiting our download page you will notice there now is only one OnSign TV version. This application is compatible with all Android devices 4.1 and above. This is the right choice when installing OnSign TV on your new devices!

Instead of having a separate “OnSign TV System” version like before, we have built an additional App called SPM – Signage Platform Modules – for each of our hardware partners. These modules will unlock advanced functionality on your players and will serve as an extension to OnSign TV.

If you own a device manufactured by IAdea, Philips, Geniatech, Minix, Mele, and many other partners, you just need to install the OnSign TV App and the corresponding SPM.

Can’t find your device brand? Try installing the SPM for OEM Android devices.

This version works with a great number of generic Android media players, so it is worth a try!

How to enable the advanced features in case none of the SPM options can be installed on my device?

Root your device and OnSign TV will detect root capabilities automatically, enabling the advanced features.

How do I check if my players have the Advanced Features enabled?

  1. Click “Players” on the menu on the left
  2. Click on the target player name
  3. Make sure you have the “Remote View” option enabled on the sidebar menu

I already have several players deployed using the OnSign TV System version. What should I do?

Don’t worry. Although we are not creating a direct link to the System Version available, we will keep updating it. This means you will get the updates and will be able to either manually, or auto-update players through the OnSign TV dashboard.

What version should I use when deploying new devices?

You should use the latest version of OnSign TV and install the corresponding SPM – Signage Platform Module.

We highly recommend either using an OnSign TV SPM compatible hardware or using an Android rooted device. Both options will enable OnSign TV Advanced Features, greatly improving remote player management and signage network reliability!