Starting with OnSign TV version 6, we have made some changes so we can better support the growing number of hardware partners and enhance compatibility with Android 5+ devices.

Since the very early stages, we at OnSign TV have been committed to support a growing number of devices in the Android ecosystem.

Through the use of the “OnSign TV System Version”, our users have benefited from a number of advanced features that both enhance OnSign TV functionality and greatly improve reliability while reducing maintenance costs.

Up to OnSign TV versions 5.x, there were three main versions of OnSign TV:

Now, when visiting our download page, you will notice there is only one OnSign TV version.
This application is compatible with all Android devices 4.1 and above. This should be the choice for installing OnSign TV on your new devices!

Instead of having a separate “OnSign TV System” version like before, we have built an additional App for each of our hardware partners called SPM – Signage Platform Modules. The SPM will unlock the advanced functionality on your players and will serve as an extension to OnSign TV. You can find and download the OnSign TV SPM at our download page.

I already have several players deployed using the OnSign TV System version. What should I do?

Don’t worry no action is needed on your side. Although we are not making the direct link to the System Version available we will keep updating it. This means you will get the updates and will be able to either manual, or auto-update players through the OnSign TV dashboard.

If deploying new devices what version should I use?

You should use the latest version of OnSign TV and install the corresponding SPM – Signage Platform Module.

We highly recommend either using an OnSign TV SPM compatible hardware or using an Android rooted device. Both options will enable the OnSign TV Advanced Features, greatly improving remote player management and signage network reliability!