Channel Partner Program


Unlock reseller discounts and sales commissions

Exclusive training content event and contents

Empower your sales teams with OnSign TV Sales Marketing materials

 Schedule periodical meetings with the OnSign TV team for improving your business

Get deal OnSign TV deal referrals

Leverage OnSign TV Brand and success cases for selling more

Get OnSign TV team support for dealing with complex sales such as RFPs

Protect your leads through a deal registration process

Add new services to your sales portfolio

   OnSign TV platform consulting and training
   OnSign TV custom App development
   Platform customizations and new integrations

Who Should Join

Partners should fit in one of the three segments to qualify

Basic Qualifying Criteria

One of the key Reseller Program foundations is to select partners that have high synergy and can add real value to the OnSign TV ecosystem and finally to end customers. The OnSign TV team will make its best to learn about your business and ensure you have a good fit to join the Reseller Program.

Having a registered company

Company site
so we can learn more about you!

Having skills and competences in synergy to OnSign TV Platform

Tell us about some interesting projects and success cases on your segment