Signage Operators

Help, support and disseminate content to any number of screens

Create, manage and delegate account control to multiple users

Provide the best service to your customers and keep your costs under control.

You and your customers can log into the OnSign TV cloud platform to upload content and manage it to the client’s satisfaction.

OnSign can be completely customized for your brand.

Your customers will login on your company URL domain name and only see your brand name, even on all players.

we offer you the best tools you can use as a Signage Operator to promote and grow your business.  A good option is to invest on our “White Label” solution.

This means we can get OnSign completely customized to your brand.

Your customers will login on your company URL and will only see your brand name even on the players. 

Key Features for Signage Operators

Real Time Monitoring

Detect any issue so you can take immediate action and keep track of every player performance.

Audit Log

Create users with different access rights and get a detailed report tracking what each user has performed.

Proof of Play

Get a detailed report confirming each and every time a campaign has been played back.

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