Signage Platform Module

The Signage Platform Module is an additional APK that should be installed alongside the OnSign 

TV Player App to ensure access to all Android Player Remote Control features.


This will enable advanced features like:

  – Remote View and Control

  – Remote Reboot and Shutdown

  – Remote Software Update

  – Extended remote log for the support team


The SPM is an APK signed by the Android manufacturer so OnSign TV can execute root-level 

commands on the device. 


A custom SPM is built for each Android Distribution, so there is a specific version of the SPM 

version for each Android Distribution.


There are two different ways to find the correct SPM for your device:

  – Running the Health check, as this will point out the correct SPM version

  – When paring the device to your account, OnSign TV will prompt in case there is an SPM available 

for this device


As an alternative to the SPM, rooted devices will also enable advanced features.


If your device is not rooted and doesn’t have the SPM installed, then the Remote View, Remote 

Reboot, and Remote OnSign TV player update will not be possible.


Download the OnSign TV SPM matching your hardware


Other Android Devices

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Philips P-Line

Philips 10BDL3051T

Philips D-line 4K (4150D)

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