Your website visible
to everyone.

Don’t wait for the user to find the content, give the
information they need right in their hands.

A website is the doorstep for business opportunities, but it is not of use if no one is getting there. Make use of digital signage to drive traffic to your website and promote your brand. It is also a great source of content that shouldn’t be underestimated. Create apps for different pages and display all information the viewer needs to know even before he asks.


Just copy and paste the URL.


Enable touch mode so the user can navigate at will.


Mix website pages with other apps and keep content fresh.

Bring the content where people see it. Display your site or any webpage with OnSign TV URL App.

Each industry has a different need, but displaying web pages is useful for all:

Corporate TV: Display performance and target goals graphics.

Small business: Present full array of your company’s services.

Education: Show news and calendar of events.

Transportation: Inform and entertain passengers to shorten the trip.